After School Clubs

Below is our offer of after school activity clubs. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please let us know.

After School Clubs

Devonshire Hill After School Club until 4.30pm

At Devonshire Hill we are pleased to offer a range of exciting clubs both during lunchtime and after school until 4.30pm. If you have any suggestions to improve our club provision, ideas for clubs you would like to see on the list or want to volunteer to run a club, please do let us know.

Clubs can be applied for using the button below.

Do you require childcare before 8.45am?
Find out more about our daily breakfast club here.

Our Families Say

Kidscape After School Club until 6.15pm

Kidscape provides an after school club service for the children at Devonshire Hill until 6:15pm. Currently children walk from Devonshire Hill (escorted by Kidscape staff) across to Risley Avenue School where they can enjoy a variety of exciting activities. For more information please visit or speak to a member of the Devonshire Hill admin team.

With enough interest from our families this service could take place at Devonshire Hill. 

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