Marvellous Mathematicians

Mathletics Gold Awards during lockdown

A huge congratulations is due to the KS1 pupils who have been working extremely hard to develop their maths skills. Since the start of lockdown at the end of March both Lillian – Sapphire and MariaEmerald have achieved their Gold Mathletics Award!  These pupils are among the only five pupils in this academic year to successfully reach their Gold Status so far!
Who can work towards  achieving theirs by the end of the Academic Year? Here is what you need to do to achieve your Gold Award:

1000 points in 1 week = Bronze Award

5 Bronze Awards = Silver Award

4 Silver Awards = Gold Award

Many of you already have Bronze and Silver Awards, so keep persevering, there are 10 weeks left until the end of the Academic Year. Try and practice just 20 minutes a day! We know you can do it!


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