Music & Performing Arts

New creative space!

Our new Music and Performing Arts room is the perfect space for staff and pupils to be creative and expressive through all things music and performance. As well as having an impressive collection of props and costumes this new classroom contains a broad variety of instruments including: hand percussion, xylophones, glockenspiels, bongo drums, djembe drums, steel pans guitars, and ukuleles. Weekly instrument lessons have now started and will be taking place in the new classroom. Year 3 will learn to play the ukulele with Amber playing in Autumn 1 and Coral Class playing in Autumn 2. In Year 4, Garnet Class will be learning to play the guitar while Crystal Class will be learning the djembe drums. Finally the Year 5 and 6 continuers will apply their ex

isting skills to their instrument of choice, either the guitar or djembe drums.


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