23.11.2022 – Haringey School Streets Consultation

23 Nov 23.11.2022 – Haringey School Streets Consultation

Dear Parent/Carer, Our school has been selected as a possible site for the introduction of a ‘School Street’, a scheme which reduces traffic at the school gates during pick up and drop off time. Haringey Council is currently running a consultation about the proposed School…

Dear Parent/Carer,

Our school has been selected as a possible site for the introduction of a ‘School Street’, a scheme which reduces traffic at the school gates during pick up and drop off time.

Haringey Council is currently running a consultation about the proposed School Street, to gather the views of pupils, parents, staff, residents and local businesses. By completing the consultation , you can help us make sure the views of our school community are taken into account through this process.

You can find more information about the School Street and how to take part in the consultation below.

Yours Sincerely,

Jonathan Adamides-Vellapah
School Business Manager

Information from Haringey Council

What is a School Street?
School Streets transform roads to create a better environment for children to walk, cycle and wheel to school.

How do School Streets help?

  • When a School Street is in operation, the road temporarily becomes a Pedestrian and Cycle Zone, at school drop-off and pick-up times.
  • By temporarily closing the road to motor vehicles at the start and end of the school day, School Streets help by:
  • Reducing traffic outside the school, which reduces emissions and makes the air around the school cleaner at peak times for children
  • Making it safer to walk, cycle, scoot, and wheel to school. Children will benefit from increased physical activity on their journey to and from school
  • Reducing traffic congestion and parking problems outside the school and reducing road danger
  • Exemptions are available for some staff and parents, giving them the ability to drive into the School Street if needed (see overleaf for more information). Emergency service vehicles have access at all times, and residents and businesses can also apply for exemptions.

What is being proposed?
The proposal is shown on the enclosed plan and is summarised as follows:

  • Weir Hall Road (between Barclay Road and Oak Avenue) proposed to become a School Street that would operate:

    Term time only | Monday to Friday | 8:30am – 9:15am and 2:30pm – 3:45pm
  • Relocation of parking places from the footway to the carriageway, to improve accessibility
  • A raised table at the junction with The Weymarks, to the north of No. 35 Weir Hall Road
  • Planting of new street trees on east side of Weir Hall Road
  • Motor vehicles (cars, vans, motorcycles etc.) will not be allowed to enter the School Street during the above times unless they had been issued an exemption.
  • To inform drivers, we will install traffic signs and send updates to sat-nav companies.
  • Motor vehicles that enter the School Street without an exemption, during operational hours, will be identified by camera and may be issued a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN)
  • No one needs an exemption to drive out of a School Street. You only need an exemption to drive into the School Street during operational hours
  • School Streets remain open to people walking, cycling and wheeling
  • Emergency services will always have unhindered access

Who is eligible for a School Street exemption?
If the scheme goes ahead, the following groups would be eligible to apply for an exemption:

  • Parents/carers of pupils with a disability that prevents them walking or cycling to school
  • Blue Badge holders, including parents/carers and teachers, who require access to the School Street
  • School vehicles or taxis transporting disabled children
  • Some teaching staff – staff exemptions are organised in agreement with the school, according to the needs of the school community
  • Residents or businesses who have an address within the School Street to a maximum of two per property
  • Medical practitioners visiting someone at the school or with an address in the School Street

Motor vehicles without an exemption, including visitors, tradespeople or delivery drivers are not permitted to drive into the School Street during operational times. But no exemption is required to drive out of a School Street, eg. those vehicles that were already parked when it came into operation.

Why is a School Street being considered?
These proposals are part of Haringey’s plan to improve air quality, children’s health, tackle the climate emergency and to make it safer and easier for children to walk and cycle. The council has been working with schools across the borough and has delivered 23 School Streets to date.

How can I have my say?
We welcome your views on the enclosed proposals. Please respond to the consultation before Monday 12 December 2022.

The easiest way to give feedback is by completing a short online questionnaire at: 

If you need assistance responding, you can email or call 020 8489 4787.

What happens next?
Once the consultation has closed, we will review all feedback received and take a decision on how to proceed. This decision is expected in January 2023. If the School Street is approved, we expect to implement the School Street in the spring, subject to statutory (traffic order) consultation.

Before any School Street launches, we will work with the school to exemptions are organised for eligible parents and staff.

More information:
For more information on our School Street programme, please visit

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